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Merry Smitzy

It's December, and yes, we confess: We have been very tempted to make a post with the "gift list insurance definitive ".That would be cool, eh, what ideas do we need them all, but that's the key. Gifting can become an ordeal if you do not know the person to whom it is addressed surprise.

From Smitzy want you to open your heart and seek time to think about that friend, the sister, the father handed ... and you to reflect on what worries him, tormenting him or disturb him. Heart eyes will point you the path leading to that secret desire, that whim that have not been given that little hole illusion unsatisfied child.

That said, we did not sin nor frivolous heavies, if you arrive late and / or tired this call the spirit of Christmas, let's apply some principles of basic psychology so that your gift does not end up in the trunk of refried.

  1. Less is more . Confess: you have a fixed budget, purchasing the "principal gift" and what is left, filled with a tidbit. Error. Several studies that measure the perception of quality (and price) gift received a unique gift conclude that causes a much greater impact than two separate pieces.
  2. The beauty is on the outside . Currados in wrapping gifts, customization and dedication are synonymous with success. We all like to see dedication and mime: Never give your gift just gotten into the bag. An extra detail maximizes the intrinsic value of your idea.
  3. Customized is the new black . Denotes customization planning, reflection and affection. Who does not like to have something unique, something that only you have and no one else on the planet? Initials, a photo or an exclusive measure of any object or do something unique and unrepeatable garment.
  4. Feelings . Objects pass, experiences accompany you forever. The perfect gift for someone who has everything is to open a window to something unknown. Caviar for the soul. Pura vida.
  5. What is your hobby The great passions move mountains, and there're safe. If you know the passion of the person to whom you give, the road flattens. Looking for that new season or frivolity that he / she would not be allowed. Mission accomplished.

    Have you seen the light? You have been the perfect surprise you head? Not yet? VA, here we leave some winning ideas to hit this Christmas full:

    • . For wine lovers Customize your bottles and make a gift 100% unique. In Facewine offer the service, which guide you to choose different types of label and can include photo and message you prefer for a selection of wines Land of Castile.
    • for gourmets more eco . On the website of Finca Socueva ( ) will find a delicious assortment of homemade jams, with traditional boats and lids in announcing the floral fabrics and exquisite processing mimada inside, and you can combine precious little packages. Pure love.
    • to passionate design and architecture. can find a beautiful edition of Phaidon, the WORLD ATLAS oF tHE tWENTIETH CENTURY ARCHITECTURE, a tour of the 5 continents in that city city, show you the most iconic buildings of contemporary architecture. An inspiration to travel with a different perspective.
    • to frioleros tastefully . A hug from mohair for winter nights. In can find wool blankets softer and more delicate colors. 100% artisan tradition and Spanish, in the village of Ezcaray (La Rioja), since 1930.
    • for the most stylish and conceited. chinos with a magical cut that makes them feel like they were custom-made? Do not hesitate, a meticulously design, manufacture in Spain and we donate 5% above the Aladina Foundation to be a Merry Christmas for everyone. Enter the online store or come into our store (C / Piamonte 19, Madrid) and select model and the perfect color for your gift.

      From the classics (right room) to the most trenchant (for the most marked personalities). Discover the new pattern HARPER with a bold rollazo, and Smitzy PANA , pure trend for every day. Molan us all ... and apparently you too because they are petando!

      We are enjoying as children with each shipment, thinking that your Christmas will also be a little ours. And remember: if you do not succeed, your best smile, a look at the ticket and lie hidden in the arms of pleasure autoregalo. No one knows your actions as you and your perfect Chinese awaits you in Smitzy. Do not forsake him, he never would

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