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Smitzy - Slow Chinese

It's funny how "around summer" is treated as a social and almost behavioral experience and write about what we experience, how we should deal with it and what strategies we put in place to address the coming months with energy, attitude, sports "definitive" protein diet and detox juices.

Suddenly, the reflection on time, relationships, expectations ... is fashionable, it is accepted and celebrated. September becomes a kind of pre autumnal catharsis that allows us again and reinvent ourselves, to metamorfosearnos a better version of ourselves.

It is actually fascinating. We live in times where to look inward and ask ourselves "stuff" is well regarded, and it is up cool. Despite some pseudophilosophical tufillo, the reality is that we have to integrate introspection and change purposes as natural elements of our return to routine.

Beyond the RRSS be filled with hashtags and pictures of bowls of oatmeal with chia announcing changes of life and good intentions, if there is room for awareness of one's habits and how to improve them, there is hope.

The slow movement has taken root, and although the name sounds like reggaeton song Chunga, think that "we are what we eat and how we eat" is an exercise very interesting analysis. And nobody looks at you weird if you buy Spelled flour bio or you strive to consume seasonal vegetables and proximity. It is perceived as a sign of adquistiva responsibility.

And the roar is heard beyond dietary patterns. Smitzy , we are very excited to think that when someone tries our Chinese perceive the headaches until we found the perfect cut. When we heard the rush is to prove his smitzy, and note with amazement that no need or a hem or put leg. Sorry for the retucherís the world, but the care and things well leave the pins offside.

Quality, rather than quantity. Spanish product, with a carefully controlled production. Conscious of what we wear and why we choose. A thoughtful consumption, quality and hedonistic. And solidarity (thanks Aladina for sharing with us the dream of fashion and frivolity do not necessarily go hand in hand). < / p>

We return summer with a barrage of patterns, colors and new fabrics, but with the idea of ​​our DNA intact: one Smitzy what you have to do is be impeccable. And others are Chinese fast .

Smitzy - Chinese Midnight

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