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Inspired by the greatest

Smitzy. Inspired by the greatest

"A man can only be judged by their actions, not their good intentions or beliefs."

Paul Newman

Paul Newman was not only one of the best actors in Hollywood. He was also a man with enormous sensitivity to the problems of society. His involvement in the anti-war, anti-drug, defending the rights of children, investing in charitable or environmental transformed him into a reference that has inspired several generations. People who refused to remain crossed arms against injustice and decided to share their fate with the most disadvantaged people. Behind her gaze ice was hiding a big concern to change the world.

So the idea of ​​creating Smitzy: a brand for men who do not conform to wear a quality product, well made and also the best price. discerning men who want to know where the product comes from, how it is made, what impact does purchase both socially and environmentally and who are behind the brand. Men committed to elegance but also justice and sustainability. Men in line with the universal icon of style and integrity will always be Paul Newman.

Men, after all, inspired by the greatest.

Stay tuned. Not long ...


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