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If you thought Smitzy is nothing more than a simple brand of jeans, you're wrong.

Not only have we managed to create man pants feel better. This was a priority, but not our only goal, so we decided to go for a quality production, sustainable and socially responsible.

Because we believe that to create a brand young brand, optimistic, happy and fun had to be taken seriously.

Smitzy stands for:

Perfect cut

It was not easy, but we have developed a simply perfect cut that makes the difference. This is an exclusive pattern Smitzy thanks to the configuration of your box, tighter than using other brands, its curved waist, a shot of more modern crotch and the composition of the tissue, resulting from the combination of quality cotton with elastane just right, fits perfectly into any shape. Hence what we have incorporated into our models. So that you make sure you buy the pants you buy will sit as good as the first.

Made in Europe

We manufacture in Europe. It is the only way to guarantee our customers who will wear the result of a production process that has exceeded controls most rigorous quality and has been treated at all times by highly qualified professionals factories where workers' rights are respected . Because we care:)

100% sustainable

Our pants have a number of sustainability certificates attesting to compliance with all protocols and standards for environmental protection during the production process. We are 'ecologicool'.

Social Responsibility

Whenever you buy a pair of Smitzy will be allocating 5% of its sales price to a charity project related to children. Currently we collaborate with the Foundation Aladina in the comprehensive reform of the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Infant Jesus of Madrid which caters to 800 children each year and hosts the largest number of cases of children with cancer Spain.

We intend to face the immediate future is to set aside another part of the brand donations to a cancer-stricken boy trip to Ireland by the Aladina to visit Barrestown , one of 30 camps Serious Fun children's Network, the association founded in 1988 by Paul Newman for children of all nationalities diseases severe enjoy with his family of unique experiences as they continue their treatment.

A long-term goal is to expand the number of contributions to charity projects of different nature to be the client who choose which one you want to make your donation.

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