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Smitzy & Aladina

Smitzy & Aladina

Taking advantage we are already deeply involved in Christmas, today we want to share with you the wonderful experience we had last order week when we had the opportunity to participate in the charity market organized every year by the Aladina Foundation.

With this 2016 nine editions are an initiative started as a way to engage brands in fundraising for needy children. The idea was to create a unique atmosphere, full of joy, optimism, fun and holiday spirit in which, for a weekend marks from enjoying the opportunity to maintain a direct and permanent contact with people. In return, earmarked one percentage of the sales generated in these two days a foundation that would invest money in various charitable causes in collaborating.

As you know, Smitzy is a regular contributor to Aladina, because from the moment of our founding allocate 5% of the all of our sales to the comprehensive reform of the ICU of the Hospital Infant Jesus of Madrid, whose team attends each year 800 children from Spain, which makes the drive more of children with cancer do you care at home . And it is precisely this project which decided to support with funds raised from sales generated during the IX edition of the flea market, held on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December at the Hotel Eurobuilding NH Collection Madrid.

After all this, from the beginning we knew we could not miss Smitzy.

The market, as it could not be otherwise, was a success. True to tradition, hundreds of people attended the event ready to spread the illusion and the good vibes that each year breathes among its more than 50 seats. And why not take a look and take some time to do some other holiday purchase.

Given that it was one of the major developments in the market, Smitzy pants enjoyed a magnificent reception . Many of these people had the opportunity to discover, see, touch and see in person their excellent quality and perfection of his court. There were some who at first was a little shy but after going behind our screen, try them and see how well he sat did not hesitate to take them away. Others even returned the next day by others.

And although for us it is essential to ensure that the customer is satisfied, the most important thing in this case undoubtedly was thanks to our participation Smitzy could continue to contribute to the life of the most disadvantaged children a little bit easier. And go home with the feeling of having helped build a better world is something that is not paid with money.

SMITZY #inspiredbythegreatest

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