ClickCease It's summer time and life is easy. – Smitzy

It's summer time and life is easy.

The summer comes with its slap heat, nights with crickets, fan noise and desire to escape elsewhere.

Open windows, the still bodies in bed and life slows down as if she too would break a sweat.
summer is territory of all, there is nothing more democratic than the summer dreams of sea, nap and computers closed. < / p>

live for summer arrives and we put us happy. Only the summer of melancholy tinged autumn and cold winter. It is not poetry, is physics. summers sun drying sorrows

And now, just a snag . Ay Candela, what little fabric.
What short shorts, which desmangadas shirts, what minimum skirts, baggy what the calzonas.
Summer heat kills the tale of imagination, and there is so little that intuit and so much to cover, much skin in sight and so little modesty, that pure obvious villain almost lost all mystery.

The stories are so literary summer because there is no screen or no censorship: only meat, hot flushes and gazpacho. Costumbrismo good drink with homemade wine, which in summer gives less cutting is almost frowned, and there is no earthly gourmand fantasy nor a more accurate picture of unclothed person narrative foil.

In Smitzy who love Chinese (good) above all things first Commandment should hate the summer and imposed their nakedness. But no.
We flipa summer, with our 100% cotton cool and natural. Smitzy grass knows us, as I said Serrat, with our Mediterranean colors Ibiza Stone < a href = ""> Formentera Blues and Sunset Mallorca. Pitiusa pure evocation
And not everything will be rosemary and Tramontana. Do not miss the Sahara, Serengeti and Amazon. explorer spirit, but impeccable demeanor. We know that happens so fast summer loving ...

We love to see how the slim cut it is (still) better with raised glasses dark and late. Alarm off mode.
Your Smitzy are also for the summer.
As bicycles.
Like all good things.

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