ClickCease Smitzy = Quality + Price + fair Production

Smitzy = Quality + Price + fair Production

Do you look at the labels of the clothes shopping?

Do you care how you wear the garment has been designed, made and distributed?

Is it relevant to you the material used to manufacture it?

If your answer is yes ... Welcome! Perhaps you had not raised you, but you're a believer in fashion conscious. A reflective pattern of consumption, an act of responsible and demanding purchase, which includes not only the final product, but the entire creative and production process.

It's nothing new. Our mothers always know "good garment gets old and lasts for life." Fashion obsolescence not only has to do with the transience of trends, but a social reflex. Tell me how to shop, and tell you how you are.

But beyond the sustainability of our behavior as consumers, in this Tuscan March that we are having we think about beauty as absolute attribute. As catalyst desire. As vital aspiration.

aesthetic and hedonistic gozadera Vitamin, beauty sneaks into objects and enlightening, transforming the things in small pieces enjoyment.

We discussed ways of life. Nice living. Not comply. Giving good value, quality that dignifies and magnifies even the most banal. From a painting, a house, a wine ... or a pants.

When we thought about the Smitzy idea of ​​creating well-cut garments with a challenged until you find the right pattern design, with colors chosen with care and dreamy vocation ... many thought we were crazy.

When our obsession with finding a model clothing 100% Spanish, where who does our pants is key to our understanding of fashion, many advised us to seek foreign suppliers (mainly Asian) because their prices "they are lying."

Hey, who after all, are just pants!

Each time we receive an order, we draw a smile on his face. There are many decisions behind each pant that you prove you and it will be set as if you'd just deliver the dressmaker. There is a constant search for quality and excellence.

Because we believe that fashion conscious not only makes the purchase, but also that designs, manufactures and distributes.

Because beauty business also exists ... and as if by magic, we're more handsome with our Smitzy.

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