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Purposes 2017

they say that 2017 will be a year of 10. And no, you have not told us any fortuneteller or what we read in the horoscope or coffee grounds Christmas meal. They say mathematics, the most exact of all sciences. Simply add the value of the numbers that make up the number of the year that has just begun to anticipate that 2017 will be perfect.

If the arithmetic does not fail (usually not) and it is true that success in 2017 is more than assured, no certainly we are in the best since early 2008 to set ourselves some purposes the most ambitious possible new year. That is why today we come with some ideas that may inspire you and help you achieve all these goals either for lack of time or desire have not been carried out in 2016. This time no excuses. Many of us got quite the can during college, but now mathematics become the best allies to start the year with confidence. This time nothing can go wrong:

Learn or perfect language . It sounds like a cliché, but the best things to invest the time, effort and money. It helps to break into the professional, social and personal relationships and makes us wiser and interesting. Is our recommendation? Unless you are passionate about classical culture, stay away from Latin and dead languages ​​in general (currently do not enjoy much popularity) and play it safe: English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese ... If you're looking for challenge, Esperanto is a good choice. Luck!

Get fit. Besides being false, answer "running is for cowards" when you suggest that you should try to practice some sport he went out of fashion long ago. If it ever was ... Exercise is good for health and it helps a lot if in case you had raised a few centimeters reduce waist. Our Chinese feel just as well have the size you are, but who you hurts a little exercise?

travels. "The only expense that makes you richer travel." A phrase as certain as suggestive. Choose a destination you do not know and good company, grab your suitcase and camera and throw yourself to discover the world. Remember family and friends bringing some souvenirs or some sweets from room to traveling. Always help soften the hostile receptions and usually compensate for many days giving Facebook and Instagram envy ...

collaborates in a charity project. The nicest thing about being lucky in life is to share with those in need really. Help people at risk of social exclusion, fighting disease, poverty, hunger or war in the world or the protection of universal rights or the environment are just some of the many projects that can allocate your time or your money. Here in Smitzy, for example, collaborate

donating 5% of each order to a charity project related to children. And, believe us, it is very rewarding.

visit most often to family and friends. Now that seriously threaten Spain with European'll install the workday to enjoy more free time you should occupy in more profitable to get home and laze on the couch. What do visit the family or staying for a drink with friends? I go on Sundays to make stew or paella is great but equally at home would like to see you more often, do not you think?

Not bad for a start, right? As you progress through these purposes, you can always go proponiéndote new ones. As, for example, give a twist to your look or renew your wardrobe. And remember that it can always count on us;)

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