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Know your size. Know your service to our Jedi.

who created Smitzy we did it with a clear goal: to create the best man pants sit down market. This was the priority, yes, but our aspirations did not end there. From the first moment had equally clear that if we embarked on this adventure we would to offer a quality product, sustainable and socially responsible. But also a customer service that was close, agile and decisive, to speak the same language, anticipase to their needs and should not put any problem to problems. We believe that the key to success is not only to provide good customer service, but listen and speak with confidence. It only way we can offer a better product and a better experience, so we invite everyone to give us your opinion about us.

In fact, when we started to think we realized that the most important was the shopping experience. We wanted it proves easy and intuitive. A challenge, given the hassles of pants online. Because the pants occurs as footwear: they have to be comfortable and fit well to your steps but still allow total freedom of movement.

It's normal for someone to risk buying a shirt or sweatshirt without habérsela tested before pants. Up man, we do not have much Internet shopping habit like women. We had to put all facilities as may be necessary for our clients they had the highest assurance that the pants would sentarles exactly as good as expected when you receive the request, try them out and were looking ahead to mirror it.

For this reason we designed a size guide as complete as we have made available to our customers on the web Smitzy ( ). Through it you can calculate your waist size and length, see the equivalence in centimeters and inches from our system sizes and, best of all, compared with using many of the major brands of men's pants. You can check it out by clicking here , although we will continue working to improve it and expand it and be able to offer new solutions that will ensure you have given with the right size.

Once this first hurdle, we went to work in our customer service. We wanted it to be different. Something out of the ordinary. Our idea was to recruit a group of "knights" with the ability to solve any problems, helping and defending the client above all else. ... people with super powers! So we decided to name it "Jedi Service" :)

You can contact them almost any way: through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp or by completing the form our web. The more experienced can even resort to them using the