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Why "Chinese"?

Today we will solve a question that probably many of you have done on occasion: what is the origin of chinos? And above all: why they started calling it? As usual in these cases, there are several theories about the credibility of which varies depending on how strong is the historical basis. Some, as we will see below, although not without a certain "logic" are as fun as implausible.

The point is that after spend a long time reviewing many of the theories circulating on the Internet have been collecting a series of data should be sufficient to form a more or less successful on why its popular name idea.

Apparently, Chinese, contrary to what many people think, are not originating in China. It is said that actually come from India and began to make throughout the nineteenth century. At first they made only in the traditional color "khaki", Urdu word (one of thousands of language variants spoken in the country) means "ash" or "dust". India was then a British colony, which contributed to the use of this original version of the Chinese were increasingly common among English soldiers. So much was so ended up incorporating them in their official uniform, thanks in part to the earthy tones so well came when they disguise themselves in the battlefield.

As expected, the Chinese were gradually expanding the boundaries of their success. And they do not guess which caused real furor? Indeed, in China, with business acumen as they come, which started mass manufacture and export all over Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, for example, quickly they became popular not only among his army, but also among the working class.

However, the boom final, the Chinese made one of the basic clothing of man contemporary, it came in the wake of his "discovery" by the Americans. It happened in 1898, when explodes Spanish-American War, which decided to make common cause with the Philippines in their fight for independence from Spain. The result of this military alliance a cultural exchange that Americans take the opportunity to test those imported cotton trousers from China Filipino soldiers wearing arises. To see if these "Chinese" of those who had heard both were as comfortable as they looked ... And, apparently, were so delighted with it that took them back to the United States, where its popularity did nothing but grow during the first half of the twentieth century. Especially among airline pilots.

The rest did through Hollywood war movies, the most powerful promotional tool that have had these pants along in its history. And it is that the films were mainly responsible for these pants were publicly fashionable among ordinary people, being seen increasingly in the streets and offices, improving at times their level of social acceptance, expanding its range of styles and colors to acquiring a status similar to jeans as a versatile garment, perfect for both regular and occasional use its universality. A basic that you should never miss in the closet of any man. Thus, at least, we believe in Smitzy. Why else would not have then created the Chinese with the best cut there is also offering the best customer service?

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