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How to dress for a job interview?

Much has been said and written about how to dress for a job interview. For men, the answer is unanimous: suit and tie. Like everything else, however, there are exceptions. Sometimes the best you can do is leave the suit at home and go for a more relaxed look.

It all depends, first, on the type of work that is chosen and the activity of the company. Advertising and movies have helped to standardize the suit and tie as dresscode for the selection process. But the reality is very different.

Unlike law firms, insurance companies, banks or consulting business, there are many companies where you prefer to escape the rigidity and seriousness of the suit. When creativity and innovation have a special weight, such as communication and new technologies occurs in the design market, it is normal to dress a little more casual. Thus is achieved project a cool, carefree and close business image. But not have to spend cool. He submitted to a responsible human resources in Bermuda shorts and flip-flops is never an option. Never mind that the interview is to fill a vacancy tester slides in a water park or on the street make a heat melt until traffic lights and a suit involving enfundarte get to the interview dripping with sweat. Let professionals, who say Mr. Wolf.

A suit can convey more confidence, self-confidence, initiative and better skills curriculum Leonardo da Vinci. But we must carry it with style and naturalness. There are some basic facts about the neck and cuffs, the knot, color and pattern tie, buttons American or long pants that do not support discussion. No master them can lead to a wrong picture of yourself carried, ruining your chances of success. If you are selling encyclopedias, okay. Otherwise, opt for a look you more familiar and with which you feel most comfortable.

The most appropriate choice in these cases, the best way to combine elegance, freshness and comfort, is a smart casual look. Here the Chinese the suit pants, too serious, and cowboys, too informal imposed as a cornerstone. They offer complete freedom of movement and the possibility of introducing small nuances of style depending on the color or we opt for pants with or without clamps. Our suggestion is a Smitzy Washed Chinos in slim version - a tad tighter than regular, which always helps to stylize the figure - in all its colors: khaki green, dark blue, light gray or beige. Combined with a white or blue Oxford shirt, a blazer linen, cotton and tweed (depending on weather) and watch, shoes, belt and a suitable jersey, the Chinese become, without a doubt, in the best allies to face a test of this type with the guarantees and the necessary attitude. Follow our advice and ask that you incorporate as end the interview.

Good luck! SMITZY

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