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Thanks Dad!

Thank you, Dad!

You can not carry all heroes ... but pants layer. So why not thank your father so many years of heroics with a Smitzy? Enjoy our Father's Day promotion and take 30% off the purchase of two or more pantalones.'

They say a parent is the first hero we've all had in our lives. What other way would call that person who took you to parties on Saturday morning? No matter how early or be cold it was, always stayed to cheer and then go away to breakfast together.

Who acudías when you needed help with math homework these so often bogged you?

Never came near in time to place you in the front row in the parade, but there was no need because you went up to shoulders for you to see.

Who taught you how to shave without getting cortases 20 times or dressed as a gentleman and matching pants, shirt, jacket, tie, belt, socks, shoes ...?

Are you quedabais home alone at dinner time? Well, I called to bring a pizza. But ssshhh, not your mother's knowledge.

Maybe you do not remember because you were very small, but you get the idea of ​​how much you changed diapers before potty teach. And how you celebrated when you get it!

They also say that not all heroes wear layer. But something that does carry insurance are pants. But not about anyone, a good Chinese. And do not you think so many years of heroics deserve a gift to the measure?

Speaking of pants to fit a hero is talking about Smitzy. As the Chinese with the best cut there, you will not find pants that feel better. Whether your father is Hulk's body like Mr. Fantastic, Deadpool or Flash will always be perfect.

And you know what? We have launched a special promotion to share the occasion for Father's Day until March 19 will be regales a Smitzy and enjoy a 30% discount for buying two or more pants. If you're feeling especially generous and you want to give him more than one or want to take advantage of you and grab a few for you.

Just get in , make your selection (do not forget that We have a size guide as complete so that you make sure to hit and you can visit our guide shop Nunez de Balboa 9 in Madrid if you want me to lend a hand with your purchase) and enter the discount code GRACIASPAPA. It will automatically apply a 30% discount on the total amount of your purchase. That easy.

Run, still time to reward your hero as you deserve! Spend layers are passé. The heroes of today carry Smitzy.

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