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Smitzy Guideshop

Still do not know the guideshop of Smitzy?

Half showroom store half, guideshop is the service Smitzy buying advice. Ask for an appointment, come, we advise the tests you order and ready. We will send them home in 24 hours.

In Smitzy we are determined to offer every facility for you to enjoy the best shopping experience possible. Are you one of those who have to see in person pants, touching them, put them in the mirror and see how well they feel for, then yes, buy three or four pull? Like he advises you and to have the opinion of someone who knows the product when you go shopping? If the answer is yes, we present the guideshop of Smitzy. Specially designed for you.

Guideshop is the service Smitzy buying advice. Half shop, half showroom. Currently only found in Nunez de Balboa 9 in Madrid, but the idea is to extend it to more locations soon.

Here's how it works:

1. Requests your appointment

You deserve personal attention. We want to be prepared for your visit. Call us at 900 701 302 or +34 91 431 43 24 write us WhatsApp +34 683 292 401, send us an e-mail to info @ smitzy .com or contact us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, tell us the day and time you come to spend better and aim in our agenda.

2. We advise

We are in Nunez de Balboa 9 (Madrid), within walking distance of El Retiro. Enters, asks Smitzy advisers and will receive you. Would you like water, beer or coffee? Ask for that mouth. We want to make you feel at home. In the guideshop you have at your disposal a complete sample with all our Chinese. Look, touch, compare and try on whatever you want. And remember: the advisers are there to "guide you" (hence the 'guideshop') in your choice that you make sure to hit. Do not be shy and ask. We advise and resolve all your questions.

3. Place your order online

Come with your advisor to one of the computers to make your purchase through the website Smitzy. Soon you will receive an order confirmation email in your inbox.

4. We send him home

tranquility is walking down the street with a smile and hands in his pockets. This is how we want you to come home after coming to visit us. No bags, no boxes, no encumbrances. We handle pick up your purchase at the store and take it home within 24 hours. Fast, easy and convenient.

5.- Changes and returns?

You have received your Smitzy, but you'd have thought better. No problem! We sent a messenger to pick up the order and we deal with managing change pants or your money back. Without charge, free.

Mola, huh? Come, call, ask for your appointment and come visit the guideshop of Smitzy in Nunez de Balboa 9 (Madrid). See you there!

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