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When summer arrives. And not only the summer heat arrives. also they get free time and holidays. It's time to reconnect with friends, get together and have fun. Comes the fun.

Touch prepare for what's coming. And as we did not want Smitzy pillasen by surprise, last Thursday organized a small welcome afterwork summer. The perfect excuse to invite customers and friends of the brand to join a drink with us, thank you for supporting us, teach our latest news ... and most importantly, have a laugh and celebrate that summer is here <. / p>

We felt it was a good time for our guests a respite from such 'operation bikini' is diesen, so we call them in Celicioso . This was possible because Santi let us settle in as cool a part of the space you have on the street Barquillo in Madrid and served our guests the sweet and salty we needed to spice the event. From here we take the opportunity to thank you for your help on behalf of Smitzy again.

Of all the people who passed through there, there was a visit by which we could live one of the most exciting and expected for those who are part of Smitzy moments. We refer to Paco Arango, founder of Aladina Foundation, whom we presented the check of 1,500 euros that we have managed to raise thanks to our customers who have allocated 5% of the amount of each order to reform the ICU of the Hospital Niño Jesus of Madrid. Thanks to him and also Wisi for joining us and make our celebration even more special. We saved bits of cake that I belonged to when you feel hungry, okay? ;)

Special mention also deserve Pablo Castilian, David Conde, Alejandro Risso, Chico Fernandez, Sergio Serrano, Juan Luis Vinas, Carlos Domínguez and other influencers who made a hole in their agendas to show personally their support and continue to help to grow and make ourselves known among his followers. And Juan Carlos, better known as Juan sinmas, who could not come but we offered to your health.

And above all, thank you. Whether you are a client of Smitzy as if you have not yet bought one of our Chinese. Because if one day we decided to create the best men's trousers, if we do not innovate and strive every day to enjoy a product and unparalleled service, it is because we believe that you deserve it.

And we believe you deserve it, have decided to launch a promotion weekend 15% discount on the Harper , our star, unlike any other you've met pants model. A version of the totally genuine and original Chinese Smitzy, specially created to break the rules and give greater prominence and coolest ever Chinese touch. So that if you could not join our afterwork, you enjoy a new opportunity to get the game changer of Smitzy before the official arrival of summer. So that if you were there and already you've tried, you repeat. Just use discount code HARPER = SUMMER

He said: thank you very much everyone. Thank you so much for everything. We repeat soon. Fiance.

We leave you with some impressions of the event:

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